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How much does phlebotomy school cost?

The cost of your phlebotomy training program can depend on various factors. We have tried to figure how much you will need to pay for your phlebotomy education.

The major factor that determines final cost of a degree is a type of program you choose – whether it’s campus-based program, or online. There are combined degrees that offer theoretical part of curriculum online, but still arrange practice in real healthcare facilities. These stand somewhere in the middle in terms of costs, but are quite rare.

What about online and in-campus degrees, which are more common, the difference in tuition costs can be very significant. There is an obvious explanation: while online schools don’t spend much, ground schools need to invest in training equipment, arrangement of practical training with hospitals and laboratories, pay professors, etc.

What is more important, there’s a difference in how potential employers percept online and regular degrees. The general rule of thumb

How long does it take?

In general, you should aim for a course duration between 6 months and 1 year. We advise not to enrol to programs that are 2-6 weeks in duration since they don’t cover the full scope of theoretical and practical knowledge a phlebotomist will need.

If you want to increase your chances of becoming a phlebotomist, we advise to consider not only phlebotomy programs, but also those for Medical Lab. Assistants or Medical Assistants. They have phlebotomy education as part of curriculum, but apart from that, you will also gain extra skills.

Note: it’s important that you contact several schools before choosing the program and verify their accreditation status. Degree from accredited school (whether it’s ground or online) is the core requirement of most employers. Good luck!