Last updated: September 12, 2019

Becoming a Phlebotomist in Georgia

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Quick Facts:

  • Number of programs: 39
  • Average graduation rate: 42%
  • Average hourly wage: $15
  • Projected job growth: 24% (faster than average)
  • New jobs created annually, avg.: 470
Georgia Phlebotomy Schools

Georgia’s growth rate for new phlebotomy jobs and program availability correspond to average numbers across the nation.

Still, the cost of living is pretty reasonable and is slightly below nation average, which makes at a decent place to start phlebotomy career.

Description of Phlebotomy Training Programs in Georgia

Training to become a phlebotomist in The Peach State will usually mean enrolment to a certificate program that lasts two semesters or six semester hours.

About 65% of all curriculum is spent in clinical setting practicing the blood drawing skills.

Georgia Phlebotomy Programs Pre-Requisites

GPA of 2.0, a high-school diploma or GED are usually enough to get you admitted. That’s for academic requirements. Also, successful candidates must have their immunizations done and medical exam passed.

This is important since phlebotomists are sometimes expected to work extended hours, can stand a lot and should be able to carry at least 30 lbs. without assistance.

List of Georgia Phlebotomy Programs

Out of all programs in the list below, 19 schools offer phlebotomy programs and other 20 have Medical Assistance programs. You can opt for one if you want to broaden your scope of practice and possibly increase your employment prospects. 

Medical Assistants are trained to perform all those duties of phlebotomists with some extra ones, too. Unsurprisingly, some employers see this as a huge benefit, especially in changing work settings, that require members of medical team to be flexible about tasks they’re allowed to perform.

Georgia Phlebotomy Certification and Licensure

License required: No

Certification required: No

As of now, there is no state-required certification or licensing  for phlebotomists in Georgia.

Still, many graduates choose to sit for exam of one of national credentialing agencies. Doing so won’t only increase your chances of employment, but will also verify your skills at national level and demonstrate you commitments to this new career.

Georgia Phlebotomist Wages

New phlebotomists can realistically expect to start with about $13 hourly wage, with more experienced specialists earning over $42,000 annually.

Percentile USA, annual Georgia, annual USA, hourly Georgia, hourly
10th percentile $25,020 $22,450 $12.03 $10.79
25th percentile $28,830 $26,850 $13.86 $12.91
50th percentile (median) $34,480 $31,640 $16.58 $15.21
75th percentile $40,500 $37,350 $19.47 $17.96
90th percentile $49,060 $42,210 $23.59 $20.29

For more detailed salary data, please see the table below:


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