Last updated: June 27, 2019

Becoming a Phlebotomist in North Carolina

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Quick Facts:

  • Number of programs: 50
  • Average graduation rate: 30%
  • Average hourly wage: $15.4
  • Projected job growth: 31% (much faster than average)
  • New jobs created annually, avg.: 850
North Carolina Phlebotomy Schools

North Carolina shows a higher than average phlebotomist job growth rate compared to other states, with approx. 850 new job openings every year.

Description of Phlebotomy Programs in North Carolina

As in other states, North Carolina schools usually offer two-semester phlebotomy programs where first semester is theory and second semester is practice at hospital or medical lab.

Since second portion of training requires direct supervision, these programs don’t accept more than 10-15 students each year. 

North Carolina Phlebotomy Schools Requirements

Pre-requisites for North Carolina programs are pretty much the same as for the rest of the nation – GED or high-school diploma, immunizations, background check and drug screening.

Apart of that, some schools want you to pass Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers certificate from American Heart Association (AHA) by the first day of class. Please clarify this specific requirement with your school of choice.

List of North Carolina Phlebotomy Schools

With very few exceptions North Carolina schools offer phlebotomy classes as part of Medical & Clinical Assistance Programs.

For a full list of training opportunities please refer to the table below:

Phlebotomy Certification and Licensure in North Carolina

License required: No

Certification required: No

Neither state-regulated certification, nor licensing are required to practice phlebotomy in North Carolina. In that sense The Old North State doesn’t differ from many states across the country.

However, today a voluntary certification from third-party institution like ASCP is becoming a standard for both employers and aspiring phlebotomists. You can check our detailed guide to phlebotomy certifications here.

North Carolina Phlebotomist Salary Data

By both hourly wage and annual salary North Carolina ranks on par with nation average. The state is ranked #22 in annual cost of living research. Still, much faster than average job growth rate for phlebotomists makes it an attractive option for those who want to start career in this space.

Percentile USA, annual North Carolina, annual USA, hourly North Carolina, hourly
10th percentile $25,020 $23,900 $12.03 $11.49
25th percentile $28,830 $27,430 $13.86 $13.19
50th percentile (median) $34,480 $31,700 $16.58 $15.24
75th percentile $40,500 $36,770 $19.47 $17.68
90th percentile $49,060 $40,500 $23.59 $19.47

You can see detailed breakdown of salaries for Alabama metropolitan areas below:


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