Last updated: October 2, 2019

Becoming a Phlebotomist in Wyoming

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Quick Facts:

  • Number of programs: 4
  • Average graduation rate: 38%
  • Average hourly wage: $15
  • Projected job growth: 25% (faster than average)
  • New jobs created annually, avg.: 40
Wyoming Phlebotomy Programs

Wyoming has limited options when it comes to Phlebotomy-specific programs with only one available. However, you can expand this selection by opting for online course, or, choosing a more broad career like Medical Assistance.

Description of Phlebotomy Classes in Wyoming

As the programs are usually short-paced, after having a classroom course of Introduction to Phlebotomy, you will be heading to a clinical setting to complete clinical practicum. Along the way, introduction to software used in daily phlebotomy activities will be also made.

Depending on the college of your choice, you may be required to complete either a Psychology or Sociology course to get your diploma.

Wyoming Phlebotomy Training Requirements

Requirements for enrolling into a phlebotomy training program in Wyoming are uniform to what you can see in neighbouring states. These can include advanced background checks and drug-alcohol policies.

When it comes to academic requirements – these are pretty standard – GED or high-school diploma.

Apart of that you will need to provide proofs of health insurance, all required vaccinations and skin tests.

List of Wyoming Phlebotomy Training Courses

Courses with Phlebotomy component (either as a single or joint degree) are available in four cities – Casper, Riverton, Powell and Sheridan.

Alternatively, you can use the form below to find more schools and training opportunities:

Wyoming Phlebotomy Certification and Licensure

License required: No

Certification required: No

State licensure is not required, but schools that offer phlebotomy programs are routing their students to undertake of the nationally-recognized institution.

In case with Wyoming, in vast majority of cases it’s ASCP.

Wyoming Phlebotomist Wages

Compared to nation average, Wyoming phlebotomists have lower wages, but cost of living is quite affordable.

More experienced phlebotomy techs can expect to earn as much as 40k. Or, extend their duties to be able to perform a wider range of tasks and therefore, be able to request a rate hike.

Percentile USA, annual Wyoming, annual USA, hourly Wyoming, hourly
10th percentile $25,020 $25,110 $12.03 $12.07
25th percentile $28,830 $27,430 $13.86 $13.19
50th percentile (median) $34,480 $30,980 $16.58 $14.89
75th percentile $40,500 $36,630 $19.47 $17.61
90th percentile $49,060 $40,400 $23.59 $19.43

For more detailed breakdown of rates for metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, see the below table:


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