Last updated: September 25, 2019

Becoming a Phlebotomist in New York

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Quick Facts:

  • Number of programs: 51
  • Average graduation rate: 50%
  • Average hourly wage: $20
  • Projected job growth: 29% (faster than average)
  • New jobs created annually, avg.: 1030
New York Phlebotomy Programs

What does New York has to offer to future phlebotomists? One of the highest salaries across the country and 51 ground schools to choose from (not to mention an array of online programs).

29-percent job growth is faster than national average, which means 1030 new phlebotomy are being created annually.

Description of Phlebotomy Classes in New York

New York phlebotomy programs are pretty serious about preparation of a well-rounded healthcare professional (even entry-level).

You will learn basics of Human Biology and Medical Terminology. Some programs also include CPR and first-aid curriculum.

In programs that last about one year an entire semester is devoted to clinical training, which is arranged by school.

Requirements of New York Phlebotomy Schools

Apart of standard educational pre-requisites of high-school diploma or GED, those who want to get enrolled in a phlebotomy class in New York, will also need to submit a complete medical examination form and have all their immunizations (including Hepatitis B) in order.

List of New York Phlebotomy Programs

Unsurprisingly, most of the schools are located in and around NYC, but some of them can be also found in smaller cities like Albany, Buffalo and Rochester.

See below a full list of schools in Empire State:

New York Phlebotomy Certification and Licensure

License required: No

Certification required: No

New York has no state-specific requirements when it comes to certification and licensing of phlebotomists.

Still, employers want to see an ASCP voluntary certification at minimum.

New York Phlebotomist Salary Data

One of the highest salaries across the nation and cost of living which is also not low. Where does it leave a prospective phlebotomist?

Percentile USA, annual New York, annual USA, hourly New York, hourly
10th percentile $25,020 $27,310 $12.03 $13.13
25th percentile $28,830 $31,840 $13.86 $15.31
50th percentile (median) $34,480 $39,930 $16.58 $19.20
75th percentile $40,500 $48,080 $19.47 $23.12
90th percentile $49,060 $55,470 $23.59 $26.67

Well, with smart approach you can still find a sweet spot. Look at Buffalo and Kingston – while the cost of living is significantly lower than in New York, average salary is pretty decent.


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