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Last updated: September 26, 2021

The average median salary of phlebotomists in the US is $32,020 per year. Of course, it depends greatly on many variables, such as experience, location, type of facility where you will work, etc. Below you can find factors that will influence your phlebotomist salary (most important come first):


The most important point when it comes to the salary of phlebotomy technicians. Although inside a particular state salaries still vary, the difference is very obvious.

What is even more interesting, relocating from Idaho to New York, for example, can potentially increase your salary almost 2 times (from $22,000 to $41,000), of course, this data also depends on the number of respondents, their experience, and numerous other factors, but it’s a fact that location is the main influencer here.

Phlebotomists working in rural areas seem to be paid less compared to those who work in urban areas, but the workload is also lower.

Type of Employer

Top paying employers for phlebotomists are federal government facilities (where starting salary is $29,072) and private practices/laboratories (this is clear from graph 2, with breakdown by a number of beds). For the latter option, opportunities for getting a free spot are very limited.

Local state hospitals offer lower rates, but the amount of available vacancies is higher, this is why they’re a good option for recent phlebotomy graduates with less experience and those who don’t consider relocation.

If you want to get a higher salary and don’t mind driving a lot, you can consider becoming a mobile phlebotomist. They usually work for laboratories and help smaller local hospitals that don’t have a dedicated phlebotomist.

Mobile phlebotomists usually get 10% higher salaries in the same area compared to their ‘settled’ colleagues.


Although obtaining certification is only mandatory in three states – California, Nevada, and Louisiana, employers from other states may require it as well, so even if you don’t plan to work as a phlebotomist in these states, very seriously consider taking a certification. 

The most popular certification in the phlebotomy field is ASCP Certified Phlebotomy Technician (PBT). Also, American Medical Technologists (AMT) Certified Phlebotomists seem to get a good starting salary of $27,514. You can find more info on the kinds of certifications & corresponding requirements here.


A bit unexpected, but considering that phlebotomy is an entry-level medical job, having more years of experience in this field won’t influence your hourly rate dramatically.

As you can see from the graph below, the salary for phlebotomists with less than 1 year of experience is only $2,000 – $2,300 lower than for those who practice phlebotomy for 4-10 years. The difference only starts to be notable compared to 10+ years of experience.

Top-paying phlebotomist profile

Assuming all the variables above, we have created a picture of a perfect phlebotomist from the employer’s point of view, who has great chances for the highest wages. 

This doesn’t mean that if you’re not looking like a guy on the left you will be significantly underpaid. Undergoing simple steps to ensure you will have a high hourly rate is what you can start thinking of right now – obtaining certification, gaining experience will help while working as a phlebotomist, or changing your career path.

Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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